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What is a false Light?

What is a false Light?

We all know that Light attracts darkness and vice versa.

It is part of the game of duality that we experience at this energetic level.

The way I see energy: there are only two main vectors from which much more is derived. Energy is like a magnet that can be charged with light or positive energy or dark or negative energy.

Energy is intelligent and does what it has to do to keep it in balance and that balance that it acquires when negative energy in an equal amount mixes with positive energy creating an energy flow that is neutral.

The neutral energy flow is allowed to create an infinite number of possibilities and for me, it represents the source ...

Regardless of how things are unfolding around you… You always have the choice to return to the center.

The source of creation of all that is and what has been and what will be.

It's always the perfect time to take a moment for yourself to rest, center in divine light, and recharge.

A mixture of the two energies that always seeks neutrality. That neutrality takes place when the energies that mix find harmony and neutrality.

Now the false Light is a light that is predominantly charged with the darkness that forms in front of the light.

We can say that this light is disguised as light but its percentage of darkness is greater than that of light and in reality, it is desperately seeking its balance and as a predator, it seeks more light to achieve neutrality.

How do we discover it?

We help ourselves to discern when we take a second to feel the energy that carries the message we can give ourselves when of the type of load that it carries.

Breathe, relax, and focus within as you now begin to tune in to the light that is all around you - perceiving it, feeling it, and experiencing it with your subtle senses.

It is not to be alarmed, it is only so that we realize the currents of light and darkness and prepare ourselves energetically to always return to the center and find the Neutral point where we are one with the source.

If we are not in our center and we feel the dark energy, what can we do for it in the light?

Call back your energy now as you receive divine light from above, and welcome home your personal energy that was scattered throughout your experience, and is now streaming back into the present, back into your physical body, into your physical form.

To stay present, aware, and aligned with the highest levels of Divine Light and Love.

Please join my Higher Self and me as I channel this healing light language from Orion council of light that will assist you to flow with the Soul Heart open emanating Love.

The light language will speak to the Soul, it bypassed the mind and logic, on the other hand, this transmission will be soothing and a mix between channeled information and healing light and also connect us with our Higher Self through the heart as a portal of connection.

Breathe into the sound and allow the healing to bring relaxation and peaceful vibrations.

Thank you for join me I'm glad you are on this journey with me

All my love Grethel


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