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What it is a Light Language DNA Upgrade? and why is a good idea to have one....

What will Light Language do?

You might not be aware of this, but you already carry a light language that's encoded in your DNA. It will engage the maintenance, the correlation, the coherence at the quantum level of every aspect of you. This will have an effect to release the distortions naturally and as the vessel gets empty it can be filled by a New Codex.

Quantum healing light language sessions are soothing, relaxing and as you listen to a Mind-Body Chakra upgrade the traits of prgoraming and redirect it into a greater harmony.

The effect will vary depending on the receptivity of the self and a sense of calm in an instant effect because the purpose of the Light waves help create a truly peaceful and relaxed state.

The DNA upgrade is a powerful tool for self-awareness.

A DNA Light Language activation will allow you to reprogram your genes with the help of a coded transmission. The activated code will change the way your cells filter the energy flowing through them, thus helping your body to better communicate with your soul.

After receiving a DNA Light Language Activation, your body is flooded with high-vibrational light that begins altering your genetic code. CODE is like a computer's programming language: it tells every cell how to work and interact with the other cells. Light unlocks the stored information of your highest, most expansive potential and aligns you with your soul purpose.

Have you heard of DNA light languages? They're a genetic activation that allows you to connect to higher-dimensional frequencies of information and bring them into our reality. If you'd like to experience one with me, click on the link above!

These activations can help clear negative belief patterns and unwanted energies from your energy fields, making you more spiritually evolved.

The DNA activation transmits healing information through the bones and energy of the body, which will give you one-hour long experience of receiving light codes directly through your DNA.

DNA is constantly in communication with other cells and even other organisms through a language of light. Now through light language we can communicate back to DNA using this same language, allowing us to reprogram our own genes or the genes of others...

Every person is in the genetic code with instructions that were given to the Soul at birth. What we do is read this code and empower it so you can create whatever you want in life, breaking free of the past.

We're using the latest scientific research to help you access your genetic code, also known as DNA. The purpose is to guide you to live a life of health, happiness, and harmony so you can fulfill your true potential.

A channeled light language transmission where the transmitter becomes a conduit for a higher dimensional sequences of energetic instructions through the energy the body of the receiver, it is an intuitive transmission of spiritual knowledge. When you, as the receiver connects with Light Language being transmitted by a channeler, an image or through sound that will infuse with efficiency your subtle bodies.

DNA Light Language Activations are a process of awakening the dormant portions of your DNA. The soul resides in higher dimensions, but the human body carries a portion of the soul functions. The patterns that await activation in DNA Light Language Activations are not translations but pure instructions coming from the higher dimensions and which can support us to incarnate with clarity our Soul-Purpose. As we get healthier and activate more light, our life becomes easier and we experience more joyfulness and love.

DNA Light Language Activations use the language of light to activate your DNA and transform all areas of your life.

It's a method of healing that where you can discover energetic information about your multidimentional self in a single session.

This can be done through a light Code, a guided meditation or through a healing session where will be personalized to your needs.

Let us know your comments of questions. I hope this was valuable or helpfull.

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