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What kind of starseed are you?

The starseed soul card came from the Pleiades with strong influences from Venus. These Starseeds are visionaries and winners. They are no strangers to fighting and can be fierce. Despite the many difficulties that seem to follow them in life, they thrive in those moments when you have to use your natural abilities to persevere in adversity. I also found elemental fragments of angel and dragon which are mixed with aspects of fairy, elf and sky deity. Yes, with particles of sidereal frequency which harmonizes the elements of the earth's atmosphere and the air that we can breathe. Let's say they are tiny angels that at molecular level express themselves at the quantum level.

at the same time it represented the magic of the knowledge of the sister stars of Pleiades this soul shows lives in the 7 so-called Pleiades were seven sisters. Their names were Maia, Electra, Alcione, Taigete, Asterope, Celaeno, and Merope. At the same time, it reflects aquatic aspects in Hydra, Sirius, Atlantis, Lemuria.

That mix makes him a soul with the essence of great abstract thinkers and they have multiple talents. People born on this day have great abilities, but they are reckless and sometimes unstable. There are lives as a Nordic, and a warrior in Asia and also a native in Central and North America.

the aspects of the shadow reflect connection with the gray race, and of zeta reculi and of nibiru. Being able to show a craving for recklessness, the and are usually quite shy about it. you have to learn to stabilize emotions through protection in love and peace.

To learn more about your starseed lineage and how it relates to everyday life, check out our blog and request your starseed chart.

The starseed chart will have information about your lineage from the stars to come composed that can give you more information about your life and who you are. All reports are created and customized for you only on request, and no report is exactly the same.

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