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What the astrology for today said?

*A new cycle that begins on May 27, 2023*

*The 7 -year cycle of Jupiter and the Moon Node. Sharing abundance code & Meditation to be in alignment

When Jupiter forms conjunction with the north node of the moon in the sign of Taurus.

From that day a door opens in the sky and a 7 -year cycle begins that paints very well and can be considered as seven years of amplification, magnification, expansion and abundance.

The economy is changing but the uncertainty of that means. A more fair economy and on the way to the new land.

It is in us to create the solutions to the areas of Opportunity that we see in the Collective.

Donate, Give, Be Open to Receive, Declutter, Move Things Around, Buy, Invest, Innóvate, Sign Up for New Things, Red Your Agreements, creates new opportunities to flow in prosperity for you and those you love.

Remember that in the Age of Aquarius everything is us. And that is where we learn to be one in our community on the way to the fifth dimension.

Tomorrow, you have your favorite ritual and put the intention for 7 years of Bonaventura.

No easy, I know but not impossible and we all can do it!

And to me my antidote was self love, the right attitude and my secret tool is light language meditation.

I’m sharing the one made my feel like a Queen.

Isis and Hathor Priestess Activations I Light Language guided Meditation with Goddess I Relaxing


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