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What were the Lemurians physically like?

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

What were the Lemurians physically like?

The Lemurian were beings with a high spiritual degree and advanced technology and were known as the "Serpent Beings" because they were highly connected with Dragons and for having a particular feature in their eyes that made them appear to have Ámbar or cat-shaped eyes in human form.

The way I remembered they look taller than us now and very detailed check bones that make them look very uniquely beautiful

Lemurians in my timeline were connected to Dragons and communed together for a while until a war came that destroy Lemuria and Dragon were exiled

There are many different timelines of life from Lemuria, some more ascended than others and I will describe the ones that are my Akashic records.

I did not was not on the fall of Lemuria I was on the ascended one and the Beginning.

I must clarify that it is my first life on earth and it came from the Pleiades

Since the Pleiades, we were the founders of humanity and I had to be a founder in 3 different timelines with the Lemurians, The Atlanteans, and The Anunaki.

Lemuria for me is the energy of the heart, we could speak through the heart with any human, physical or ethereal conciseness.

And that connection through the power of love is what I want to share with you through these codes that I will share and the meditation.

I would love for you to share with me if you are attracted to Lemuria and that you remember if you remember anything.

I always have dreams about Lemuria and I know some of the Humans who lived that era with me and because Monday we started a healing week with Lemuria I wanted to share a recorded meditation to open our contact

Have A Blessed Weekend

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Mandy Clark
Mandy Clark
Feb 22, 2021

Thank you, I am so relaxed.

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