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White Tiger from Andromeda

My guide Drawing ✨

White Tiger from Andromeda Ro

Brave and Passionate Heart Activations

Galactic Greetings my beloved

I am Ro,

My beloved, It's time to be brave and share your brilliance with the world.

This is a particularly dramatic Energy that is perfect for this dynamic year for you to activate your heart, my Dear

Lead with a loving heart and receive my light code as you gaze at the image

Roar innately, love, and disengage with a flair for drama.

Moving from the eco of the heart and passion. It is also the sign that rules the heart.

Your heart is Link to space and the galaxy which represents a huge paradigm shift as quantum jump into a deeper spiritual awakening. Your passionate heart is your GPS

Following your passions is not always easy.

Remember, the challenges you face while pursuing your purpose will strengthen your resolve.

As above, so below, this Heart has some challenging energy.

Yet, how do you know what to pursue and what to yield? Love is the answer

What are the most loving choice for yourself and your loved ones?

What ignites your heart?

Let your heart Shine Like the Sun, as you radiate your love in the world, you bring joy to others and make the world more beautiful.

Have a beautiful day and remember to look at the sky my beloved and to open your heart

Higher Love and tiger roars. Ro✨

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