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Yahyel Guide Galactic Art ~ Fifth Dimension Drawing

Yahyel Guide Galactic Art ~ Fifth Dimensions

The galactic chart for this soul comes as hybrid humans from New earth and a goddess essence.

This aspect is Yayhel and this is a mix between Gray, human DNA and Arcturus, essentially where there is a portal vortex between the galaxies.

In new earth Everything feels light blending in a vortex of light holding the crystalline light they are connected with powerful healing powers that is a gateway of the heart chakra of the galaxy. In the akashic records it appears as a center of galactic beings, many of them from very Nordic-like Pleiades as masters in a holographic vortex in the matrix The many timelines are observed. I also observed these hybrids looking very human-like with colored glowing skin and dressed in a very galactic and encoded with sacred geometry wearing light codes in light language doing emanating light codes patterning all over their aura. Your soul looks blue ray light very high frequency almost felt as the angelic representation of your higher light. They’re very connected with the mantis beings, looking very tall and glowing light as if the Milky Way just sparkles in the spirit of the light and seems to be a kind of spiritual guide. The mantis being as guides for future earth and they are participants in the hybrid program where in the future humans are seeded with higher dna to evolve into a higher light to also help others races like the grays to ascend along with humans. These cosmic beings that are your group of guides are designers of relatives where beings in collectives can experience their evolution and transcendence to ascend into a higher light. Your spiritual guides are a bridge between the heavens and the lower releases and it was said to renew the light by traveling from East to West across the galaxy into different planets and races as one as a bell , announcing the arrival of the central sun each dawn of the SOul. Today your guides want you to know Love and Peace get along and they are the mile marker that lets you know you are vibrating in higher light. Love and Peace is a universal principle by which we all learn to live and the ingredients of our soul growth. Whatever the hopeless situation in which we find ourselves, love and peace is the solution to overcome any challenges Love and peace help us to find the answer through a loving heart -filled mind and a kinder heart. Love and Peace is the most advantageous spiritual techniques that help us to hear the higher mind and to think and feel is all well In your divine feminine light a guide called Phoebe - looking very goddess-like In representation Of divine feminine that appears In classical mythology was on earth by-name of Artemis, goddess of the moon and of hunting. The masculine version of Phoebe is Phoebus.

She wants you to know Love makes you vibrate above all densities. When you make a decision and a commitment to love yourself, it is like dropping a pebble in a pond of DIvine God Light. Love has a rippling effect it makes you spark a divine inner peace The decision to fill your sacred life with Love the higher the frequency and wider the range of things that will be transformed into a Divine Path. In the kingdom of Gaia I saw a stunning Phoenix - a dragon self guarding the fire of God that represents divine masculine in action. And Phoenix wants you to know that You are Divinely Guided.

Each day we receive inspiration from the From spirit, is the light within that sparkle in each heart beat that runs our bodies life a force field of pure source light. This guidance of the light comes Through ideas, gut feeling, and illuminates the way of moving us along our highest path. May the light in you guide you into a holy day. Your Andromedan self is a healer of wisdom from 6 dimension and represents your soul work guide and When you are feeling down, celebrate your spirit as we move in the following months head it is going to be allAbout Divine Soul work.

Every moment is your teacher!The Divine soul is the essence of life in your body, celebrating your spirit, is celebrating life. The Divine Soul represents the experience, the knowledge, the lessons accumulated along go every timeline and that it’s your blueprint as divine human incarnated. The Divine Soul is the ability to have, to be, and to do is embedded in your spirit the Divine light of Creator if all in motion as you are physically that creates a lifetime a creation your creation. Focus on your inner mastery! In this life, your mission is to spark your Divine soul and let the God within to be seen by you boy also by all othersLet the god in your Divine Soul glow You are a Divine Soul bound to earth by the physical body to walk as God. Your Divine God In Spirit, is bound to all that it is, the infinite Galaxy, the magnificent universe the stunning sky, enchanted the moon, the blinking stars, the relaxing ocean, and the Creator of all.Your Divine Soul is all you have been, are and will be and that is your Soul work. Grey - in order to understand the dark forces one aspect of you becomes a dark dragon called To create chaos in order for the light in you to unveil the greatest light. The only blocks in your life are the ones that you have built yourself.

The close mind can be a huge energy for self growth. Light language is a powerful way to Clear your mind of clutter, congestion and conflict. Kalee, the fairy king of leaves, wants you to know when to Bring light. It takes a lot more courage to let your light glow vastly and to keep glowing even when we feel in turmoil.Lighten up when it feels dark and let the light shine through you. Letting go doesn't mean ignoring a situation that feels a burden. Trust means accepting what is, exactly as it is, without fear, resistance, or a struggle for control. Trust means standing still and being light by trusting all is well Today trust that you are supported while you listen this light language meditation YOO an ancient gigantic hybrid human - serpent race from Atlantis Abundance is a state of mind. Abundance is our natural state and when you can do what you want to when you want to and represents freedom. There are all kinds of currencies, but the best is love, the love you can give and receive will multiply all that you have, then you are Abundant. Life is abundant even when we feel lacking and the mind plays the role to limit the experience as if there is a block.The blocks are in the mind setHowever, When you do what you love with complete freedom, you are prosperous. When can Love life as it is, not for what life can give you, you are an abundant being.Today I invite you to tune into the abundance within and let this light language speak blessings of Light and manifest the life of your dreams . Let the light to guides you to stay in the light, your guides

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Krisztina Kun
Krisztina Kun
06 janv. 2022

Feeling every word beautiful Grethel💝💝💝💞💞💞thank you from the deep of my heart.

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