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You are a magical being!

The stars brink within, the rainbow sparkle around, and your intuition it is the voice of the universe, speaking through the language if the light.

Light is the magic in life—the light makes everything bloom out of nowhere, and your life becomes abundant, and the best time to live is now.

Take few minutes of your day to grow your magic and meditate. Today suggested code of light and Meditation will fill your aura with light creating a magical place to be.

Light language Meditation will guide you to observe the best of the day, of life.

It will help you shine from your center, which is where we can make life more beautiful. Also lead life itself with our actions and thoughts.

Be the light of the path as you walk, shining effortlessly.

I'm sharing a code and a , meditation that will assist you today to spark the magic and glow.

This is a Powerful Chakras Healing Sacral light Language Guided Meditation I Realign your Creation Center l chakra alignment I you can find it at @encodedfrequency YouTube channel

Shed a light

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