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You are Always Supported!

Spiritual Guides Guided Meditation | Encoded Frequency | Alignment

A have learn the way I feel determined how align I am….

my thoughts will uplift me or drag me down the rabbit whole influencing the way I feel and each feeling creates a vibration that can be stable or distorted

my true alignment with Source cones when I realize God , creators of all lives in me.

I am the creator of my own Universe!

I am here to create my own reality and is because I’m here to thrive to aligning with my true power and the joy is in the journey!

I am the only ones responsible for what goes on in my life experience.

Nothing happened to me and everything responds to me.

I can make excuses and blame others, but we are responsible and for ourselves.

Most people do realize exactly what it is that building discomfort, turmoil, stagnation and distortion in their lives.

I must summon the Light, tune in to the true power of my soul to heal and to siphon the wisdom to motivative myself and have courage to stop it and shift with Grace softly reviving light into every cracks and healing.

There is wholeness in me in all of us that spark when we tune into the language of the light.

Light language is a softly and relaxing way to heal and uplift our frequency into Harmony.

Let this guided meditation and the code I’m sharing today to soothe the momentum and bring the highest outcome for your now.

You will receive support from your spiritual guides and align your chakras with ease abs Grace.

May the light language be a blessing for you today and always

With Higher love Grethel

Spiritual Guides Guided Meditation | Encoded Frequency | Alignment

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