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Arcturus Galactic Art

Arcturus rejoice in the connection with your human self and send their blessings in this new stage of life.

This was my experience while the drawing was created…..

My Drawing of the Light - Arcturians Arcturians in this drawing came to me in Dream state for this drawing in a ship of light with a multitude of other race like Lyrans, Vega, Pleidians, and Sirians Within my dream journey I was with your Arcturian Soul who greeted me very lovingly and I instantly felt the love bursting in my chest with a sense of expansion. The communication began telepathically and they are a group of galactic who are associated with the Galactic center and they can come as guides for humans that are ascending and in a road of inner discovery. when Arcturian have very bright auras and a multitude of bright colors and their eyes can show very big and almond shape often. The energy that emanated collides in slides with multi color enhancing sacred geometric vortices that look like pure love from them can be very powerful and Loving at the same time. it has a tendency in my perception to slightly be feminine even though they are androgenous I feel They can have a myriad of colors, however for us they tend to appear blue and purple, some short, some very tall. In the center of the ship there was a platform in which some type of controls made of led light created portals on holographic screens in which it was like seeing different computer screens, which I found fascinating. This arcturian guide that looks like a leader and diplomat is also very angelic is connected to carry the templates of the Blue - Oraphim that carry the Double Diamond Sun Body. Even though you are very connected with Arcturian the lyran energy feels very interwoven and i dare to say is the secondary even though you have many more aspects. It seems to me that when you decided to separate yourself from the source you incarnated in that angelic and bluish being who is a mediator of peace with the ability to reorganize the patterns of the matrix in a time of conflict in the galaxy. The galactic races in that timeline were trying to survive where mistakes were made and where I felt a sense of rectifying the damage caused. It is amazing to see the luminosity and peace that this Arcturian transmitted in times when temperance and integrity of the heart were needed to recreate a new path in evolution. Wisdom that fully illuminates the presence of this being so beautiful and so beautiful that I am honored to draw part of the transmission will only be revealed to you when you see yourself merging with this galactic being. Codes that have messages that will only be decoded through the image alliances that represent peace across the infinite of the galaxy. Although Arcturians are healers because of their pure and elevated essence they tend to have many other expressions of evolution as a soul and this shows a beautiful balance are light beings with an incredible love vibration. In other words, they’re neither masculine or feminine… But rather they perfectly balance the masculine and feminine energies. Arcturians will appear in many different forms as they can choose how to portray themselves, depending on who they are connecting with, their objective, and what will most serve. It feels to me that the purpose is to awaken to remember their galactic, light, and higher vibrational origins and connections and to lead others into their own discovery. Within This galactic connection helps to Fulfill your deep longing to find home by raising your vibration, anchoring in light, and trusting that the Universe will naturally connect you with other Starseeds journeying to the history of the Soul around the Galactic heritage. lift, open, expand and shine, Arcturians From my heart thank you ❤️

Arcturus light language This Galactic image can awaken our Consciousness and Activate our Source Points as you meditate visualizing the Galactic code. The meaning is to remember that which you are – the more rapidly you will be able to adjust your vibration and attune to what you wish to create the code will help you to manifest more quickly as well. Spirit now wants you to know that Source is pouring forth support and nourishment from the Galactic Self, which is the space of total love almost that of a Cosmic Support. You are being asked to go deep within and activate our Galactic DNA, so as to deeply connect to yourSelf as Source at the level of Pure Love. Align in a Arcturus light language vortex of positive energy and manifestation energy, as he guides you through a brief five minutes activation to Connect with Source and really set the energy for your day, allowing you to masterfully create the vibrant, abundant, well-filled day you desire. To read more about codes please visit

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