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Copia de Solar Eclipse Code as a sign of spiritual rebirth

The Solar Eclipse that's happening on April 19th and 20th is a perfect time to dive into your shadow and shine light on it.

A solar eclipse happens when the moon moves between the earth and sun, creating a shadow on earth. It's a reminder from the Universe that we have been given everything we need to heal ourselves—we just have to be brave enough to look at what's in our own shadow.

This eclipse is happening in Aries, which is about being brave and direct with yourself. It's about shining light on your shadow so you can work through your healing process. But it's also about being open to receiving new codes of light and heart codes from the universe—and even pouring those codes into your shadow so you can transcend it completely!

Today I'm sharing a solar code with you that will help you align yourself with this process of facing your darkness, healing yourself with love, and moving forward into the new world we're creating together!

Light Language Chakra Healing Guided Meditation | Shooting Relaxation high frequency

you can find it on my YouTube channel @encodedfrequency

Shed a light

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