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Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Please relax and sent your intention in your mood to reconnect with yourself while you listen to this channeling that can be used as a meditation.

This meditation is part of the twin flame virtual workshop - and I decided to share it on your tube for the once that feel drawn to this love - Soul journey

If you decide to participate with us in this online program please visit and take advantage of the 50 % discount ( price vary - restrictions may apply)

Surrender to calmness and allow your breath to come and synchronized with your Heart and notice the sensation on your breath as you start releasing resistance as the light enters the space through your nose and heart.

Notice the sensations on your skin and the healing codes come and bathe every aspect of you

Allow your guides and higher self to create a healing circle of light and they will stream unconditional love into your heart and you drop all your expectations.

Naturally, find a patter to breathe the light as you welcome your beloved Twin flame Counterpart to Re-align with you to Magnetize Manifestation and to come and reunite with you to the sacredness of the heart.

enter the space of the Heart in sacred Union.

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