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What is twin flame love?

What is twin flame love?

I could write a book as the answer but I will simplify it!

After few years having channeling the twin flame collective and creating this images.

I have realized it is A type of agreement between soulmates to Love from their divine multidimensional soul in divine Union and unconditionally.

Twin flame isn’t bounded to meet in physical, soulmates do. You could have both characteristics or just one.

When a couple has all signs to me that shifts into Divine counterpart. They are soul, physically and spiritually connected in harmony with alike missions and the minimum of karma.

Are they real ? Oh yeah….

Love is the essence of the source vibrating through you thanks to the connection with someone or something that sweet and healthy frequency is activated.

That love that in an instant feels like the leaf that floats without direction when it separates from its tree and love becomes the wind that supports it so that it gently finds a direction and a new and loving feeling of being supported blooming from within. you and emanated the sky itself in every pore of your skin.

Love feels In May ways, when love is romantic you feel safe to see yourself through their eyes in the reflection of your divine soul and you find someone who reflects that desire to align with love and love not because the loved one does things to make you feel loved but because it prompts you to become love and love loves because it is designed to love and feels as is the universe is on your side.

Fill yourself with Love!

I’m sharing a light language meditation that will guide you to tune into your romantic love ❤️

Affirmations for Love and Romance | Light Language Guided Meditation

You can find it on my YouTube channel @encodedfreuency

P.S. This is a Love Code you can request yours at the store ❤️

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